Professional PE protective film production process

Nowadays PE Protective Film applied in various industries.  We can know its work flow as follow.


First Step:

   Through blown film machine make the polyethylene particles into polyethylene film.

 According to customer demand customize various thickness of the original film.

Second Step:

   Through Coating machine make the polyethylene film with glue, become PE adhesive protective film.

    We can get different viscosity by control the ratio of glue , from 10g to 200g. 

     Different adhesive apply to different product, such as ACP panel, stainless Steel Sheet, glass surface and so on.

Third Step:

   Printing: As client demand printing Logo or any other.

Last Step:

Cutting & Packaging

1.Shire plastic have advanced automatic cutting machine. Meet the different needs of Pe Protective Film Customers.

  1. Shire plastic offer multifarious packaging.

 Inside: PP core, PVC Core, Kraft Paper Core.

 Outside: Pearl wool + Cartons; Kraft paper + Wooden Pallet;

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