Customrized Thickness Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film

Customrized Thickness Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film

Customrized Thickness Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film

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customrized thickness stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch protective film


Item name:customrized thickness stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch protective film
Based material:PEGlue type:Acrylic
Based thickness:25-150 micronsRelease lay’s thickness:/
Glue thickness:/Adhesion:10-500g/25mm
Max width:2000MMStandard width:/
Standard length:/Anti-static treatment:Adhesive side and Based film
Color:Clear, Blue, White and BlackSpecial property:Anti-static,anti-fingerprint,harden and printable


To be applied on various kinds of stainless steel surfaces and provide protecting effect, protection film for stainless steel sheet is able to prevent scraps, scratches, pollution on the stainless steel surface during transportation or processing. We can also see this film on many products in our daily life. For example, furniture, floor surface, stainless steel products, aluminum alloy products and other products all use this kind of protective film.
Besides stainless steel products, this protection film for stainless steel sheet can be pasted onto many other surfaces firmly and will not fall off. After all process production is done, the protection film can be peeled off in the whole piece and leaves no glue residue on the substrate. It can keep the substrate in it’s brand new condition. The protection film for stinless steel has good moisture resistance. It can be used and stored in moist environments. It also has good aging resistance and corrosion resistance. So it is used in various fields.
Protection film for stainless steel sheet can not only be used to prevent scratches during transportation and processing, it also has good masking effect. While carry on further processes to products and need to paint it, protection film for stainless steel sheet can be used to mask the parts that require no paint. When finish painting, just need to peel the film off.


UsageProvide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the processof bending,pressing, punching, cutting, drilling, milling, roll forming,transportation and installation.
Base MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
GlueWater-based acrylic / solvent-based acrylic / natural rubber
ColorTransparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.
Thickness30-150 micronsWidely used35/45/50/70/80/100 microns
Width100-2000 mmWidely used1000/1100/1220/1250 mm
Length100-2000 mWidely used200m, 500m, 100m
180藲 Peel Strength20-500 g/25mmWidely used150/200/250/350 g/25mm
Tensile StrengthTrasv> 8N/25mm
Longi> 15N/25mm
ElongationTrasv> 300%
Longi> 180%
PrintUp to 5 colors

Production Process

Brand new good quality PE granules from Sinopec

鈫 Blowing

鈫 Thickness test 1

鈫 Elongation test 1

鈫 Tensile strength test 1

PE film with good elongation and tensile strength

鈫 Coating and drying

Semi-finish protective film

鈫 Adhesion test 1

鈫 Aging test 1

鈫 Curing

Finished protective film

鈫 Thickness test 2

鈫 Adhesion test 2

鈫 Aging test 2氓

鈫 Elongation test 2

鈫 Tensile strength test 2

Goods ready for packing and shipping


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we are manufacture of PE surface protective film PVC Panel , PVC Foam Board , UPVC Profile, PVC Windows & Doors , Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet , EPS Sandwich Panel , ACP Aluminum Composite Panel…

Our protective film sells well among more than 20 provinces and cities in China, as well as in Europe, America,Japan,Korea,India,Thailand and other south-east Asia countries.Our products have been approved by SGS, several international famous companies are our long-term cooperation partners. We are keeping on improving and growing by the support and encouragement from all the customers.


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Self-Adhesive HAVC Duct Cover Shield



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