hard floor Surface Protection Film Anti Scratch transparent floor protection film

hard floor Surface Protection Film Anti Scratch transparent floor protection film

聽Our 聽floor protection film is designed for protecting wood floors during decorating, refurbishment, parties and heavy foot traffic. For ease of use the protection film is reverse wound, allowing the film to easily come away from the roll with minimal effort and meaning this wood floor protection film can even be applied while standing.

  • Description

hard floor Surface Protection Film Anti Scratch transparent floor protection film


  • Hard Surface Protection Film is for hard surfaces only.
  • Do not apply to wet or damp areas.
  • Before film application, surfaces should be clean and free from dust, dirt and loose debris.
  • Hard Surface Protection Film should be replaced every 4 weeks when used on floors and other internal surfaces, every 24 weeks on internal glass and every 12 weeks on external glass.
  • Cover entire surface, do not use as a runner.
  • Where smooth nosings or door plates are used, they should first be lined with Ockwells Easi-Peel (Easy Tear) Tape before covering over with Hard Surface Film.


Our 聽floor protection film is suitable for use with various types of wood flooring, providing solid oak floor protection as well as laminate floor protection, making it the ideal solution for quick and easy temporary flooring protection in the home and work place.
Once applied, hard floor protection film adheres well to the wooden flooring, creating a smooth trip free surface barrier providing dirt, drip and spill protection for wooden floors.


Features& Benefits

  • Quick and easy to apply, leaves no adhesive residue.
  • Waterproof against paint and water splashes.
  • Smooth trip free surface, replaces dust sheets.
  • Ideal for refurbishment work and house parties.

Technical Data

ThicknessDescriptionSizeRolls/ Pallet
2/3 milBlue Floor Film24鈥 x 200鈥180
2/3 milBlue Floor Film24鈥 x 500鈥112
2/3 milBlue Floor Film36鈥 x 200鈥90
2/3 milBlue Floor Film36鈥 x 500鈥90
2/3 milBlue Floor Film48鈥 x 200鈥90

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