logo printed Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film

To be applied on various kinds of stainless steel surfaces and provide protecting effect, protection film for stainless steel sheet is able to prevent scraps, scratches, pollution on the stainless steel surface during transportation or processing. We can also see this film on many products in our daily life

Protect surfaces from pollutants, corrosion, and scratching during the process of manufacturing, transport, storage and installation.

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logo printed Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film


Item name:logo printed Stainless Protective Film Anti Scratch Protective Film
Based material:PEGlue type:Acrylic
Based thickness:25-150 micronsRelease lay’s thickness:/
Glue thickness:/Adhesion:10-500g/25mm
Max width:2000MMStandard width:/
Standard length:/Anti-static treatment:Adhesive side and Based film
Color:Clear, Blue, White and BlackSpecial property:Anti-static,anti-fingerprint,harden and printable


UsageProvide a protective barrier to scratch, mark, damage and dirt at the processof bending,pressing, punching, cutting, drilling, milling, roll forming,transportation and installation.
Base MaterialPolyethylene (PE)
GlueWater-based acrylic / solvent-based acrylic / natural rubber
ColorTransparent, blue, white, black and white, green and so on.
Thickness30-150 micronsWidely used35/45/50/70/80/100 microns
Width100-2000 mmWidely used1000/1100/1220/1250 mm
Length100-2000 mWidely used200m, 500m, 100m
180藲 Peel Strength20-500 g/25mmWidely used150/200/250/350 g/25mm
Tensile StrengthTrasv> 8N/25mm
Longi> 15N/25mm
ElongationTrasv> 300%
Longi> 180%
PrintUp to 5 colors


Types of Stainless Steel Protection Films

Adhesive Type 鈥 This is the product identification number of the adhesiveTack 鈥 Measured in ounces per lateral inch, this defines the level of 鈥渟tickiness鈥 of a particular adhesive. Because there are many variables at play, the tack level of most adhesives will be expressed as a range of values rather than a single, specific measurement.

Material 鈥 This identifies the product substrate, itself (type of plastic / paper).

This table is designed to assist you in selecting which Surface Armor products you might want to evaluate for your specific application. As there are many variables involved in the relationship between a protective film and the surface it is applied to, it is usually a good idea to test two or more samples on your specific surface(s) in all phases of the intended surface protection life cycle. This guide can serve as a starting point when requesting samples.

Along the left side of the table you will find various Surface Armor tapes and films listed by their adhesive type, tack level and the material these products are made from.

The top of the table lists the various surfaces to be protected, grouped by classification.

Our Advantages

鈾 We are verified company by TUV SUD

鈾 Quality customizable product with factory directly price,cheaper

鈾 Self adhesive film manufactured by co-extrusion.

鈾 Excellent elongation and tensile strength, which won鈥檛 break at the process of deep drawing.

鈾 SGS report which means our surface film for protection is environmental friendly,pollution-free.

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