Stainless Steel Protective Film Medium – Tack Adhesive

To be applied on various kinds of stainless steel surfaces and provide protecting effect, protection film for stainless steel sheet is able to prevent scraps, scratches, pollution on the stainless steel surface during transportation or processing. We can also see this film on many products in our daily life

Protect surfaces from pollutants, corrosion, and scratching during the process of manufacturing, transport, storage and installation.

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Stainless Steel Protective Film Stainless Steel Film medium-tack adhesive

Product Description

Item Name
PE protective film
Peel Strength:
0.6-0.64 N
clear, blue, black and white, or customized
Glue Type:
water based adhesion
Logo printing:
Basilemma Thickness:
0.02-0.15 mm
Heat Resistance:
Glus Thickhess:
2-6 um
Characteristic Properties:
anti-UV half year
100-3200 mm
Packing Detail:
plastic core and paper outsourcing, or customized
200-1500 m
surface protection for various sheet


(1) 100% virgin LDPE material and also high transparency, bright surface luminance.
(2) Few hydrologincal veins, few crystal points.
(3) Good and steady adhesion.
(4) Good waterproof and antifouling function.
(5) Easy to stick on any products, easy to peel off.
(6) No residue when remove the film.


The high gloss polyethylene is used as the base material, attached with environment-friendly glue. It does not move glue, not transformed and not fall off at a high temperature of 65鈩.

Suitable for stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, all kinds of high-grade steel plate, aluminum plate, etc.


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