Temporary Adhesive Kraft Paper Surface Protection Paper

Temporary Adhesive Kraft Paper Surface Protection Paper

Temporary Adhesive Kraft paper Surface Protection Paper

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rface聽anti rust

Product specification

Gram weight of body paper:40g/m2,45g/m2 ,50g/m2,60g/m2,80g/m2
Standard width:1270mm/1320mm/2100mm
Customized width:As per customer requirements
Print:Single color, two-color
Package:PE film + corrugated paper + Wooden Pallet/Wooden Crate


  1. Environmental friendly,durable, recyclable, safe;
  2. Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging;
  3. Stable adhering capacity;
  4. Easy to paste;
  5. Easy to peel without any residue;
  6. Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion;.


  • Uniform and good adhesivenes
  • No peel-off during fabrication
  • Tear-off in complete piece
  • Best durability in the industry
  • Top grade water resistance functionality

Indoor storage conditions and life聽

1. Stored in a cool, dry indoor environment, the best room temperature < 35 掳, humidity < 70%.

2. Away from the corrosive substance and gas.Avoid contacts with acid,alkaline and any strong oxidizing substances.

3. In the cases of ideal packing & storage conditions,the shelf life will exceed 6 months from the production date.

4. Use PE film to wrap the uncompleted roll.


Widely used in casting and extrusion Acrylic,PS,PC,PET,PVC,artificial furniture sheets and other surface protection.

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