The 16th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape Protective Film &Functional Film Expo

Shire Company  attended the APFE 2020 The 16th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Functional Film Expo, hold on 2020.9.28-30, (NECC .CHINA ), Booth Number:7.1H-5A132 Haining Shire New Material company, is a professional PE protective film manufacturer in china. The Main products are stainless steel panel protective film, sandwich panel protection film, carpet protection film and others ,Our film have stable adhesive, easy to tear off and leaves no residue.can print 1-3 color logo help your Brand promote. This exhibition has attracted numerous domestic and [...]

China’s Quality Supplier Of Surface Protective Film – Shire New Materials Co., Ltd.

China’s Quality Supplier – Shire New Materials Co., Ltd. Today, We Are Honored To Receive a Quality Supplier Approval Email From Our Customers. For Three Consecutive Years, Shire Company Has Been Rated As a Quality Supplier Of Pe Protective Film In China By This Customer. First Of All, The Quality Of Our  Glass Protective Film Has Been Recognized By Our Customers. During The Three-Year Cooperation Period, Every Order Is Perfect Quality. Secondly, Our Service Has Been Affirmed By Customers. Regardless Of The Customer’s Mail [...]

InterPlasThailand 2019–Haining Shire New Material Co.,Ltd

InterPlasThailand 2019 InterPlas Thailand’ s Only International Trade Exhibition and Conference for Plastics and Petrochemical Manufacturing Machinery and Technology – 28th Edition from June 19 – 22, 2019, at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, to showcase the latest technologies from 350 leading brands from 20 countries to over 17,000 buyers from various sectors, including automotive, electronics & electrical, packaging, consumer products, and construction, from across ASEAN. The event will help all industrialists upgrade their production line and products’ value.   Our Booth Number Is Hall104 – [...]

W2-L33,Shire New Exhibition Info – Aluminum China 2017

ALUMINIUM CHINA is Asia’s top aluminium industry platform for the complete aluminium industry supply chain, bringing together leading industry figures, cutting edge technologies and advanced applications.   Aluminium China 2017 Exhibiting Profile ◆     Primary aluminum, aluminium sheet, plate, foil, coil, extrusion profile, casting & die casting, forging, etc. ◆     Aluminium products for special applications such as automotive, packaging, transportation, machine parts, building and construction, electronics, Kitchens, New Energy, Solar panels, etc. ◆     Aluminium processing machinery and technology, cutting, joining & welding machinery, surface treatment equipment, [...]

Sandwich Panel Protective Film

Shire Sandwich Panel Protective Film – HAINING SHIRE NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD.  ­ sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers.It is a kind of common in current building materials products.Good flame retardant insulation and efficient environmental protection.With the features of easy installation, light quality environmental protection and efficient characteristics. And the use of closed bubble of molecules filling system,can put an end to the water vapor condensation. According to the classification [...]

How to choose the right PE PROTECTIVE FILM for your product.

PE PROTECTIVE FILM have different viscosity, thickness and glue. It’s not easy to choose one prefect film for your product.  When selecting ones for any project, it is critical you are able to determine how a specific product will perform in its intended application. Here are the points you need to ask (and answer!)  in order to choose the right protective film: 1. Does the product have a rough or a smooth surface? Rougher surfaces have more surface area and require [...]

Professional PE protective film production process

Nowadays PE Protective Film applied in various industries.  We can know its work flow as follow.   First Step:    Through blown film machine make the polyethylene particles into polyethylene film.  According to customer demand customize various thickness of the original film. Second Step:    Through Coating machine make the polyethylene film with glue, become PE adhesive protective film.     We can get different viscosity by control the ratio of glue , from 10g to 200g.       Different adhesive apply to different product, such as ACP panel, [...]

What is PE film? ?

PE, full name Polyethylene, is the most simple molecular structure of organic compounds, the world’s most widely used polymer materials. PE protective film in a special polyethylene (PE)Plastic filmAs the substrate, depending on the density of the protective film into high-density polyethylene,Medium density polyethyleneAndLow-density polyethylene. The biggest advantage PE protective film is being protected products in the production, processing, transportation, storage and use of the process from contamination, corrosion, scratches, protect the original surface smooth and glossy, thereby improving the [...]