Laser Cutting PE 20MIC Stainless Steel Protective Film

Laser Cutting PE 20MIC Stainless Steel Protective Film

laser film is a temporary protective film for stainless steel surface, pre-coated metal, uncoated metal, extrusion profiles, sheet plastic material, decorative laminates and like surfaces.

Protect surfaces from pollutants, corrosion, and scratching during the process of manufacturing, transport, storage and installation.

  • Description

black & white stainless steel PE protection laser cutting film


this laser cutting protected film with different聽thick, medium tack adhesive film, featuring a light grey color and directional arrows, which easily identifies it as suitable for cutting with fiber laser machines.

It has a solvent-based rubber adhesive, polyolefin backing material, and UV inhibitors that provide outdoor resistance for up to 3 months.

Its benefits make all the difference:

  • The film should not separate from the surface during the laser cutting process, preventing the formation of air bubbles.
  • It has minimal shrinkage and clean edges during cutting.Intended to be easily removed in one piece, without blocking or tearing.


1.100% virgin raw material, high transparency.

2.High temperature resistance in short time, above 300% elongation rate and good elasticity.

3.Easy to be sticked and peeled off, teared of without residual on the protected surface.

4.Printing will not remain on the surface when peeling off.

5.The surface of the protective film is inert and not easy to react with chemicals.


stainless steel PE protective film laser film for stainless steelmainly used to stainless Surface聽protect when聽laser cutting聽聽, The PE Protective film is a important product for the laser materials .

our film is also a聽economical, environmental,widely applicable protective film.It can聽Effectively prevent scratches聽and anti-dust.

Data form

The size and color can be customized according to the requirements.

Material100% virgin material PE
ApplicationStainless steel Surface protection
ColorsBlack and White, Black
Printing1-3 colors, any colors you like
Adhesive StrengthLOW and MIDDLE adhesive strength
Heat Resistance60掳C-70掳C for 48 hours, no glue residue.
Humidity-proof60掳C-70掳C for 48 hours, no abnormalities.
Elongation of breakTransverse 鈮 250% Longitudinal 鈮 300%


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