PE Protective Film Low temperature Resistant

Low temperature Resistant Protective Film  

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PE Protective Film Low temperature Resistant

-PE Protective Film Low temperature Resistant ​ Description:

Our film is one special designed polyethylene film coated with high quality acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. It is used to protect Insulated panel, painted metal, sandwich panel, prepainted panel in production, processing, transportation, installation. After peeling off, there is no residue or any trace left on protected surface. Excellent UV resistance, especially it is easy to peel off in-40℃.

-40℃ Low temperature Resistant Protective Film​ Specifications:

Product Name:-40℃ Low temperature Resistant Protective Film
Thickness:40microns(35microns thickness film+5micorns adhesive), other thickness can be customized.
Color:clear color, blue color, other color can be customized.
Roll size:1220mmx500m, 1250mmx1000m, etc.
Backing:Special designed PE (Polyethylene)
Adhesive:High Quality, Special Designed Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

-40℃ Low temperature Resistant Protective Film Properties:

-High resistance to low and high temperature(-40℃ to +80℃).

-No adhesive residue or trace left on the surface.

-Excellent stability of removability over time, easy peeling off in winter season.

-Excellent resistance to Moisture.

-Excellent Uv Resistance.

-Good wettability to the protected surface, easy to apply.

-Film can stay on protected surface up to 3 months.

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